Uganda Kokoro-Juku opening July 2015

The 49 selected students of the Ashinaga Africa Initiative will spend 6 months with Ashinaga staff members and interns to prepare their applications to universities around the world. Ashinaga’s new facility, Uganda Kokoro-Juku, provides those students with both classrooms and accommodation during an intensive study camp. The students study languages and subjects of interest as well as foreign culture and lifestyle in order to prepare for campus life abroad. Students also receive guidance from interns in choosing which universities to apply to, based on their academic interests and goals.

Uganda Kokoro-Juku was designed by Ikko Kobayashi, an Ashinaga alumni, and construction began in November 2012 and opened on July 17 2015. Ashinaga uses domestic materials and personnel for construction. We hope that numbers of brilliant students will use this facility as the first step of launching out into the world, and that they may find themselves as leaders of Africa in the future.
To read an article of the grand-opening ceremony, please click here.

Ashinaga Uganda Local NGO

Ashinaga Uganda was established after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995; children orphaned by the disaster started this international charitable activity out of their gratitude for the support received from foreign countries during and after the earthquake. Ashinaga Uganda is a domestic NGO for HIV/AIDS orphans, aiming “to create a vibrant future through emotional and educational support”. Currently, about 800 HIV/AIDS orphans in Nansana, Wakiso District are being supported by Ashinaga Uganda. We expect that these children will eventually serve to their communities and societies to improve upon them. In 2015, Ashinaga began extending this support to orphans who have lost their parents by other means, including diseases, accidents and other causes.

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